Case Study
  • Fire Detection
      Bloomfileld is one of the largest residential projects in Pune City, spanning huge area. The project is of Nine Buildings having 423 flats and 40 bungalows. Being a major residential project, Bloomfield had challenge of providing Safety and Comfort of communication. To help combat this and provide a safe environment for residents and visitors alike.
  • Fire Detection
      01. The installation of video surveillance cameras throughout the building and parking lobbies.
      02. Intrusion Detection on each entrance and terrace door.
      03. Gas Leak Detection in each flat.
      04. Automatic Gas Supply Shut off controller to stop the supply automatically in the event of Gas Leakage.
      05. Emergency Alert in each flat.
      06. Flat to Flat communication.
      07. Flat to Door Audio -Video Communication.
      08. Flat to Main Security Gate Audio – Video Communication.
      09. Alarm details of each flat at the security gate.
      10. Building Management System to have control over various water tanks, Gas Tank, DG sets, Hydrant Pumps.
  • Fire Detection
      Efficiently and cost-effectively increase safety and security with limited security personnel in a project having nine buildings consisting of total 423 flats and forty bungalows and villas.
  • Fire Detection
      Use of
      • Honeywell Security Solution.
      • IP surveillance cameras at lift lobby and basement lobby.
      • Honeywell - Building management system (BMS) for controlling various pumps and water levels.
  • Fire Detection
      • Security and Convenience of communication to each resident.
      • Visitor management.
      • Control over any suspicious movement in the building lobby.
      • Control over most intricate systems like the water levels, Pumps.
      • DG set through BMS
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